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Excel test for a job interview

Many employers require candidates to be familiar with MS Excel. Depending on the job, more or less advanced knowledge of the programme is necessary. In the application letter, it is not worth lying about your skills, as more and more often one of the elements of recruitment is a test verifying the knowledge of Excel.

The test usually consists of several tasks. The candidate is provided with a spreadsheet with data and has to perform tasks that are similar to their future duties at work.

Usually, the candidates are allowed from 15 to 30 minutes to solve the test.

It is difficult to predict what questions. However, based on conversations with job seekers, there is a standard set of issues that arise during the tests.

Often recruiters ask about:

  • Pivot Tables
  • Logica functions (IF)
  • Ability to use $ sign in addressing cells – often candidates are asked to make multiplication table in Excel.

Less than 20% of people can make a multiplication table in Excel without error in the first attempt.

You should also be aware of traps. The most common include numbers in text format, missing column headings in the PivotTable source data range.

The Best way to prepare for the test is to perform as many exercises as possible. You can find many of them online.

It is a Good idea to sign up for training, e.g., Intermediate level. During the training, you can always ask the trainer questions, ask for additional explanations, exchange your experiences and opinions with other participants, which is a definite advantage. You can also mention in your CV the training you underwent.

Good luck for the job interiview.

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