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Format numbers as square meters

There’s no build in option in Excel to format numbers as square meters. In oredr to do that you need to use custom number formatting.

Select cells that you want to applay formatting to. Right click selected cells and from the menu choose Format cells.

Format Cells dialog box appears. Go to the Number tab and from the categories list select CustomIn the Type text box type the following code:

# ##0,00″ m²”

To get the superscript two press and hold ALT button and type 178 using the number keyboard.

If you can’t enter superscript two using the keyboard shortcut, try the folowing solution. Click an empty cell. Go to the Insert tab and select Symbol icon. In the Symbols dialog box select superscript two and click Insert buton then close the dialog box.

The superscript two is inserted to a cell. Highlight it on the Formula bar and press CTRL+C keyboard shortcat to copy it. Press ESC button to leave the Formula bar. Now you can just paste the superscript two to the cutom formatting code.

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